Our Job


Basically, we ask or convince people around the world to purchase software or applications and services for pc and mobile, or signup in different websites for memberships.


What We do?

We use the advantage of social media in promoting our sites and products. We do this by going to social media sites like Instagram, using emulator for android device to install social apps and sending message to promote our product and websites.

How do you earn?


Our marketing earns thru commission base income, which means the more sales you make the more money you earn, the more effort and time you spend, the more profit you gain.


Each of you will be given a unique login account on our website, this account will be your tracker on the progress and sale that you make.


What we offer is an unlimited income and a great opportunity to a better life and time, well spent at work. The harder you work, the more profit you receive.


Pay are released on a Weekly Basis following a Commission Scheme. Therefore, you will be paid based on your Productivity or number of sales produced on a weekly basis.